Video & Film Services


Katina Productions has produced a number of projects on video – from old HD, HDV, DVCAM, Digibeta, Beta–SP and lately in HD, 2K and 4K. We have been involved in complex multi-camera shoots dealing with cooking, wine manufacturing, a prize-winning chess instructional video – plus many corporate and sales videos, public relations and event videos. We have provided crews experienced in PAL for highly produced formats for foreign companies or simple ENG situations or VNR productions.


Katina Productions editing equipment consists of a sophisticated high-end Adobe CC Suite system and a number of FCP-HD systems on Powerbooks that can easily be transported as need requires. Both equipped with After Effects for composites and special effects as well as Shake on the FCP systems.  We are also equipped to color correct and finish to a Master in any format required and also manufacture web–content clips for Web streaming. Katina also works in PAL formats for foreign requirements and can make video copies in many formats.


Katina Productions has strong co–production ties with various countries and can provide crews, production and post–production services abroad, both in film and video (NTSC, 24 frame and PAL). These offices are in Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Austria, France, England, Australia, Korea, Hong Kong, Germany and Japan and others.


Katina Productions has extensive experience and is very active in the motion picture business, both in the theatrical and non-theatrical fields. We produced (as August Films) a number of feature films, industrial and documentary projects in 35mm, 16mm and Super 16mm. Our expertise takes us from conception of a project – through scripting, budgeting, all pre–production aspects – through the filming stage and the post–production process to a complete release print.


Katina Productions is equipped to work in all aspects of feature film production – theatrical or straight–to–video or streaming release. As such we can provide full crews, union or non–union, scouting, casting, insurance requirements, shooting permits, SAG and P&W clearances, location and “green room” acquisition, catering and camera cars, production vans, “honey wagons”, plus the constructions of sets, costume rentals and props. Katina can also organize second unit crews and equipment and provide “stock” footage to meet a production’s New York or U.S. needs. We have access to multi–lingual production personnel and are experienced in foreign requirements and sensitive to the budget limitations that occur with productions from other countries.


As an outcome of our feature/theatrical expertise, Katina Productions also handles other projects such as sales, industrial, public relations and documentary projects that require film. Granted that the present move in this field is now nearly always to video production – HD or larger formats, there are some projects which still require the use of conventional motion picture and we are able to render those services as well, either for a complete project or for a partial involvement in it.


Besides offering production assistance – specially in the case where a production company decides to bring over all its key personnel: producer, director, D.P., talent – Katina has extensive experience in the handling of negative at the film laboratory, plus the transfer of film to video – either in NTSC or PAL formats or DCP from digital productions – with the accompanying arrays of flex-files, keycodes, color correction and other preparations for editing and then match–back to film as required. Katina has arranged for the supervision and completion for TV films and features for filmmakers in Colombia as well as advertising agencies and production companies in Mexico, Chile, Brazil, France and Argentina.


Although Katina Productions still has access to 35mm and 16mm film editing machines and the accompanying equipment that is required for such tasks, the move has been to complete any film based project in an NLE environment and then continue to digital intermediates and conversion back to film. We are experienced in the release of films in HD format in 24p and are as comfortable in this medium or the classical film negative format. Because of our strong association with the New York based film laboratories we are able to get quick turnaround when it comes to film requirements such as interpositives and internegatives, color timing, developing and work prints, edge–coding, answer prints and release prints. Katina has been also very involved in the high end conversion of video to film – specially in the area of major brand commercials which were initially produced on film, finished on high–end digital formats for television release and then reformatted and scanned to 35mm negatives to be shown in movie theatres as part of a film show. Katina has made film conversions for MCI, Peugeot, Giorgo Armani, Estee Lauder, Aeromexico, L’Oreal, Ralph Lauren, Revlon, Bailey, Ericsson and many other major brands.