Katina Productions was formed in 1989 by Simon Nuchtern after he left August Films, Inc. where he was President and Creative Director / Producer since its incorporation in 1967. August Films was a motion picture production and post–production company located in the mid–Manhattan film center district near Times Square. Nuchtern wrote, produced and directed a number of successful feature films and the company also worked in the post–production of other producers’ features, as well as a number of important industrial and commercial clients such as United Press International, Hanna–Barbera, Worldvision, Sesame Street, DuPont, Hercules, Viacom, Miramax Films and many others.

In 1989, Nuchtern saw the impact that video was making on the world of visual communications and realized that the future was in a smaller, more elastic and more “self–enclosed” venue. August Films, with 21 employees, heavy on equipment and overhead was not going to be viable in the future. After helping place all his technical people in other jobs, Nuchtern dissolved the company and opened a small shop in SOHO in New York, where Katina Productions, LLC presently resides. Although still very involved in film and motion pictures, Katina Productions has evolved to the digital world–editing on a sophisticated Adobe Suite CC full HD system as well as FCP-HD systems, compositing in After Effects and Shake and producing shoots in HD, 2K and 4K media for US markets, foreign countries and private corporations, for profit and non-profit purposes.  Katina also has expanded into the arenas of web design and streaming.