Katina Productions was formed in 1989 by Simon Nuchtern after he left August Films, Inc. where he was President and Creative Director / Producer since its incorporation. August Films was a motion picture production and post–production company located in the mid–Manhattan film center district near Times Square. Nuchtern wrote, produced and directed a number of successful feature films and the company also worked in the post–production of other producers’ features and was one of the first companies doing Combined Continuity and Subtitle List documents, as well as working for industrial and commercial clients. Learn more»

Video and Film Services

Katina Productions specializes in high end video production and completion with a prize-winning group of camera personnel, lighting, sound technicians, graphic designers, editors and will produce and edit projects in every format available: HD, 24 fps, PAL and NTSC – HDV or conventional digital formats. We also will work in 35mm or 16mm – and have experience in 3D technology. All our productions are done by assembling our freelance team together to tackle a project with a minimum of overhead – costs going directly into production. Learn more »


Katina Productions is one of the oldest companies in the Combined Continuities and Subtitle List (CCSL) business, having worked on literally hundreds of films over the years turning over a CCSL quickly and accurately in every format in the market: FEET and FRAME counts in 35mm and 16mm, 24/25 frame HD and NTSC and PAL counts, both reel-to-reel or continuous for DVD, streaming and TV release. We are also expert at creating AB-Scripts for series and streaming services. We also translate and subtitle projects from just about any language to any other language both on standard film and every video and digital format available. Learn more »